redüHome is a boutique residential and commercial design-build firm where strong design, quality materials and excellent workmanship converge to define a client’s needs and lifestyle. We focus on building residential and small commercial spaces by pairing good design along modern architectural influences as we work collaboratively with our clients from day one and throughout the construction process.
Our philosophy is to inspire new spaces that are mindful, luxurious and memorable...without blowing your budget. redüHome believes in definitive design standards, hard work and we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. Our reputation is built on honesty, reliability, expertise and commitment to our client’s needs. In simplest terms, we redo spaces for our clients... that is what makes redüHome possible.


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As a property developer, general contractor, “designer”, builder, remodeler, and property manager, we have experience in a broad range of projects including: high-end condominium, single family, multi-unit residential, commercial and small retail spaces. redüHome builds upon these twenty-five years of experience in the design-build arena with advanced knowledge of the building process and a vast understanding of materials and installation. This dynamic delivery allows the client to have a single point of contact, one that is efficient, and most importantly ensures a quality end product. Our experience drives strength in client-partner-vendor relations during the construction renovation process.